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Selling Online?

Selling Online? It’s really not that hard if you have the correct supply chain and tools in place. We deal with all types and stages of the online process. Today we dealt directly with one of Australia’s most famous pubs. A typical bricks and mortar business who has been hearing all the hype about online and is investigating the processes and technology needed to succeed in the online or ecommerce market place. I love online as it opens the seller up to a very wide marketplace. Depending on your type of niche many starting online business forget about the scalability when starting an online store. When you build an online store plan for at least the next 3 to 5 years and select the right platform, shopping carts, hosts and shipping providers to make your online business a success.

To make your online business a success here are a few key tips to help your business. Go to as many online conferences out there. There is a really good one called online retailer that is free for early bird sign up. Jump onto mailing lists so you don’t miss out on special invites. Talk to other online retailers at the show find out what they love and what they hate. There was a massive Magento push at the last Sydney conference every developer and his/her dog were moving down this angle. Just be careful on the price points of magento and do your shopping around.

Write plenty of decent content for your website. Google is like a giant dictionary so be sure to know your subject matter well enough to create decent, and constant information to draw your potential client base to your website. Websites do not just take off overnight so to be an online success you must put a lot of hard work into your website and keep up to date with recent trends and tools. We think of website ranking and traffic as a bit of a challenge. Each week you should set goals to keep on striving to be better than the last week. Just don’t get too upset when Christmas or easter comes around as the traffic slows down then ramps up again based on seasonal activity. If you cant measure it you cannot control it.

Once you sell your items make sure you have a solid delivery system in place. Full tracking visibility will help to minimise your anxious clients frustration as they wait for that special parcel to arrive. Online retail is no where near as mature as other markets USA as an example. The trust from the buyers is only building up slowly so communicating with your clients automatically with tracking details is key to informing your clients. With most of our integrations we have automated data that pushes an email to the buyer helping you to sell more online.  Shipping insurance when selling online. We have optional insurance,  it is relatively cheap currently 1.10 for 100 dollars. When shipping you will need to read all the financial information however having peace of mind for when something does go wrong is really handy. Most couriers are very reliable however for higher value goods we would always recommend an airfreight or an express style courier. We would also recommend planning ahead for seasonal shipping. For example don’t ship a day before xmas as it is more than likely to sit in a depot for a while.

Shipping policy page. We would recommend having a shipping policy page dedicated to the delivery service you would utilise to get the goods to your client. Take the time to easy your buyers mind with clear transit time guidelines and upfront delivery costs. Don’t just load up a hard to read table with zones on your webpage this scares potential clients as people need to know all the delivery prices up front as most online buyers love to buy there and then. Our shipping calculator is used to instantly provide the costs at both the product level and the cart level. We even have widgets that can build shipping calculators for eBay and other auction websites.

Flat rate , Free Shipping, or Dynamic what to offer. Many of our customers like the flexibility to try different methods for courier pricing online. The beauty of our system is you don’t need to pay your developer to make the changes to shipping. With a few clicks within the back end of our website you can change the way you charge your customer for shipping. Many of our customers run special business rules over the platform with free shipping if you purchase this XYZ.  Some advanced users like to have post code or depot rules put into the system a handy way to take advantage of local or metro courier costings vs the cost and time factor of moving your goods interstate.

Backing up your shipping labels and reconciling the actual shipping charge vs the paid shipping charge. A customer asked me today how we prevented customers rorting the system. The example used was a regional Queensland customer put “Brisbane” as the city name and the actual regional post code in the post code field. Sometimes people make genuine mistakes however this is often entered incorrectly to gain a cheaper delivery price. Our system has special matching in place that checks with the buyer at a check out level that the information is actually correct. Our shipping api performs an automatic reconciliation. The benefit of this technology is that it saves ecommerce owners from the “you owe us more” communication that could be very nasty.

Satchels and prepaid courier coupon systems for couriers in Australia. How do they all work well they are a little tricky to work out with labels and zones and minimums and booklets. So for the carriers that require coupons on our system we do all the hard work for you. We have already worked out the pricing from the right zones to and from the pickup and delivery areas. Our ecommerce shipping calculator is perfect for taking advantage of coupon prices and just paying as you go.  As our system is dynamic we constantly work with the carriers to make sure we have all the pricing and zones up to date meaning that when you ship you have the right prices against your products.
If you are selling online then talk to the ecommerce shipping experts. team may have some handy shipping or ecommerce tools that could help you sell more of your product online. We specialise in online solutions for the Australian market.