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Magento shipping extensions Free

Looking for a Magento shipping extension ? We all know the pros and cons of Magento however when it comes to the shipping , delivery and postage side what is the best extension to place on your cart to ensure you have the right prices and automate as many of the shipping processes as possible. Our free shipping extension for magento is now live on some of the biggest online stores in Australia. Our shipping module kits are available to view on super eCommerce! after developers attach our shipping module customers can add real time courier costs to the cart level of magento, the data is saved for eCommerce users in the back end of Magento helping users to simply pick the courier companies, print the labels. Talk to the Courier Quotes integrations team for our do it yourself developers module for Magento. We now have full time Australian programs that specialize in magento installations for a limited time we can install and configure the magento extension for you.

View example stores we power: Clark rubber , Anaconda, BLA, Smitten and many more

Please see some more information about magento itself:

• Contemporary design concept and construction of dynamic database driven website
• Multistore e retailer solution
• 1 additional Website skin, this includes design & integration into the CMS
• Self-service web based administration tool
• CMS accessible anywhere in the world, seven days a week.
• Compatible in Internet Explorer/Mozilla Firefox/Safari required
• Easy to use Website content where you can add, edit, and delete unlimited number of pages, paragraphs and images
• Product catalog where you can add, edit, and delete unlimited number of products
• Ability to add unlimited pictures for each item to display the product with enlarge, main and thumbnail versions of each
• High quality auto-thumbnail creation (upload the enlarged image and the main and thumbnails are auto-generated)
• Built in file and image upload to Magento facility
• Scrolling news headlines maintained easily via your content management system
• General contact form for Magento inquiries
• Cross sell module perfect for the tempted buyers
• Special offers section (ability to assign a product as being “on offer” or “featured” within CMS)
• Bundle or consolidate module- You can link products together and offer others purchased this.
• Show all price ascending/descending
• Magento order Status updates
• Shipping- CMS able to price automatically depending on weight/area etc
• Product search facility (department, category, part number, description, brand, title)
• Associated and alternative products section
• Ability to assign options to shopping cart products (color, style, size, format)
• Ability to filter products based on price and definable Option Types e.g. Size, Style, Color etc..
• Separate billing and delivery address
• Online and off-line facility for products so they can be prevented from being displayed on website
• Track your magento with Google Analytics tracking and conversion code
• Banner module which can be used for highlighting offers internally or externally
• Australian Postcode lockup option – connected to our shipping module.
• Wish List- create a wish list and have the ability to email it to a nominated address
• Integrated payment card facility with choice payment service providers
• Support for secure ePayments
• Online support for Google Checkout, WorldPay, PayPal
• Order management with PDF invoice generation
• Customer management – name, address, contact details
• Standard reports – Daily Sales, Best Customers, Stock Report
• Internal analytic – Statistics on website traffic and hits

Magento shipping extensions free: If you need help with a postage calculator on your magento store – or if you are a Magento developer looking for a proven , reliable shipping extension talk to our integrations team about connecting to our API. Send our team a freight calculator online enquiry