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FAQs for selecting a courier service

Ok lets have a look at different ways to determine the best courier service to go with. If you are an Australian who is sending shipments or receive goods from your online shopping, then having the right courier service is a must. Having some helpful FAQs will ensure that all delivered packages arrives still in the right condition.

Package your item up: Generally its much cheaper if you are sending packaged or flatpacked items. We do have a unpackaged section within our courier service calculator however you will notice the prices are higher. As a general tip packaged is cheaper.

Satchels: Saving money on courier services; If you have items that can fit into a satchel …They are quite big too ! then see if you can send them via our discounted satchel service. We have a few really good satchel carriers in our system. The satchels are sent out to you in advance at NO cost. As of today our satchel prices for most of Australia from a business are as low as six dollars. Incredible value for money.

Reliable Courier Service; An Australian courier service is often the most reliable in terms of efficiency. However there are so many Australian courier companies that focus on this business and often, it is difficult to pick out the one which can fulfill its delivery commitments and can meet up with your own expectations.
Courier Rates: When you consider a courier service, determine your own individual shipping needs, size and frequency if you ship within metro or interstate and if you require express or same day delivery. As you go about selecting the best type of courier service, it will lead you to finding the appropriate Australian courier that meets your needs.As Australians are faced with a competitive courier service options with these companies, try to pick the one that stands out from the rest in terms of delivery services. Try to go for a courier company that has the ability to schedule pickup of your parcel making it convenient and saves your time and effort.

When selecting the courier service  – try to identify on how long it takes for this company to make their delivery and reach its consignee, within our system there is a transit time guide to help you match the best carrier to your needs. Our system can be used to compare one courier to the next to help you with both transit time, cost and peace of mind knowing what the current market rate if for moving goods in Australia


Best way to reach your courier – Accessibility is important. When selecting a courier service the courier service must be accessible through phone and internet just in case there are queries and complaints that may arise. At Courier Quotes we also have online booking for convenience and tracking systems that let you track on the status of your delivery.


Faqs for selecting a courier service; One important thing to consider is the cost of courier service but lower cost is not always the best choice and does not guarantee an efficient and prompt delivery in Australia. Utilise our courier service booking system to make a price comparison online in order to get the best deal on price and on service, an effective service at affordable price. Go online to and browse to our website shipping calculator, we hope this will help in your decision. Follow us on twitter