Australian Courier and Integration Services

Courier AU

Courier Au drivers are zipping all over Australia. Delivering parcels for business and cartons to homes all around the nation. Until you need one you may have no idea on which one is the best one to go with. With our special quote and booking system you can compare the prices and the courier au service levels right on your ipad, iphone, android or your computer. Getting value for money is important when you select a courier company.

How does it all work ? Well if you need a courier Au then all you need to do is to tell our shipping calculator located on our home page what you are sending. Then our technology swings into action finding your a courier in Au at a reasonable cost. We hold the accounts with the courier companies so we are resellers / brokers of the courier service. We charge you they charge us ! Our shipping calculator for couriers in Au makes you a trackable shipping label too ! print it out and make sure it is ready for your driver when they arrive. Thats right our system even books in the courier so theres no need to be waiting on hold to book in your courier with our system.


Need a courier in Au ? well your have come to the right place we gather up the good rates and present them to you via our courier au booking system. We process thousands of quotes each day and specialise in online retail, eBay customers and just about anyone who wants to save money on courier prices in Australia. With features such as insurance and paypal to compliment our system you can book your courier au shipments quickly and easily on

Our mates in the comedy department ( Baldy / fiverr ) have been in cheesy overdrive again – here is a funny promo video we hope you enjoy. Caution light colourful language used …No huskies were hurt during the making of this cheesy courier au promo video !  We hope you enjoy the video to spice up our you tube channel, On our you tube channel you will find our funny promo videos and tutorials on how to book online.

We are a Courier Au for pallets , furniture, satchels, cartons and vehicles too ! We service all areas including metro, interstate, state wide so talk to our courier au team or simply process your quotes online via our booking system located by clicking here on our courier booking .  At Courier Quotes we have a selection of economy, cheap and priorty couriers to meet your budget. We offer a selection of payment methods including paypal and insurance via Chartis one of the worlds largest transport insurance companies.