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10 easy tips for picking a reliable courier service

10 easy tips for picking a reliable courier service:

  • Courier Reliability -Are you picking a reliable courier service? how do you know when a courier service is reliable? There are many great little tools out there on the internet to help you research the best carrier to move your items with. Our system is designed to help you compare apples to apples. We are upfront about our costs and have a really neat review system built into our courier comparison section. Listed below are some other neat tips to help you pick a reliable courier service. Ask business colleagues about experiences look on forums and chat rooms, search on comparison websites where there is a rating system and have a look at different review websites.


  • The Couriers Service Area – Most couriers in Australia have a core network. Even the big courier companies utilise a local outfit in some regional or far reach areas. Having a good network helps The courier company with reliability as systems, scanning,and tracking are all standardised. This is a great way to find a reliable courier


  • The Couriers Pricing – The cost is always important to keep in mind however It is not recommended selecting a low cost courier company for valuable or time sensitive items. We have a range of economy and premium courier companies listed on our system. It is easy to sort our system to identify the cheaper options available to you. View a list of our couriers


  • Packaging – Depending on what you may be sending you may be able to utilise some of the free packaging available to you from the reliable courier companies. We have satchels and airbags available at no charge so simply contact our team prior to booking to arrange your free satchels. Satchels are only to be used via our courier system.


  • Couriers Tracking Ability- Keeping track of your shipment is very important. Knowing when your clients will get their shipment or being ahead of the game is key when a challenge comes up. Our shipping calculator system has built in shipping labels with a bar code to help your shipment get scanned along the journey.


  • Technology – Does your courier have the ability to integrate with your point of sale. Take for example you own a website. What you may like to have a look at is the courier’s technology. Ask questions such as ” Can you integrate a shipping calculator to my website? ” And if you really want to get technical ask them if they have an API. They will probably just transfer you to the tech department. Our technology helps you connect to multiple shipping companies so we make that part easy. It’s simple to view upfront shipping costs on your website


  • Couriers with Insurance – It’s always best to have peace of mind when shipping products around Australia. We have long bumpy roads and our network can take a long time to reach the destination. Take for example Sydney to Perth or Melbourne to Perth. Average trucking to Western Australia is a five day journey by road. Sometimes parcels can sit in depots waiting for the next line haul truck To go across Australia. Our system comes with optional insurance. It is easy to obtain at the time of booking. Always pick a reliable courier service to move your goods when shipping in Australia.


  • Upfront Charges – Getting the invoice and seeing extra charges like fuel, security, minimums, basics, cubic …..A reliable courier will always be upfront about the charges. What you need is a comparison service that adds up all these charges and just gives you the amount you need to pay. This way you can compare apples to apples. Getting a rates sheet that is confusing is no good to anyone except the courier company. Our system just gives you the courier companies costs in an easy to work out format.


  • Discounted Courier Services – It’s always good to get a bargain. Paying full price is never much fun. Due to our large volume spend with the courier companies we obtain reseller discounts and pass on the savings. Our booking systems are automated so you can enjoy easy quote and booking for shipments right around Australia.


  • Reports and Monitoring – Having a dashboard or an in-house reporting system can help you to understand what you have sent, your spend and tracking all in one place can help you manage your shipping and logistics. A reliable courier will provide reports and systems for self tracking. We have some very neat tools to be able to help you manage and organise your shipping. Simply visit the contact us page and follow the dashboard login instructions.