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Shipping Costs

Shipping Costs in Australia are now easy to understand with our shipping costs platform. After being in the courier service and shipping industry for over a decade we decided to help build the supermarket of shipping choices. Finding a courier service in Australia is simple with the discovery of courier quotes special shipping calculator. In Australia there are a wide variety of carrier choices. Ranging from what we call “cheap and nasty” through to the premium and airfreight modes of shipping. When we talk to clients one of the first things we do is uncover where they are selling their items from. What they are selling, the value of the item, how they are selling the item example eBay or their own website. After finding out how and what they are selling we can then find the right shipping costs that meets thier needs. There are so many variables that go into finding the right shipping costs. We provide our customers with a special shipping dashboard. The dashboard is an area that our clients can log into to. Once inside the special website login our customers can get instant access to some of the neat shipping tools that our developers have set up. Once our customers are inside the system our clients can save sender or recipients address, email, and key details for sending shipments. Clients can also print labels for tracking, print up invoices or statements or view the available credit that is loaded up inside the account.

Finding the right shipping costs is easy. Who is using the Courier Quotes system? Anyone can utilise the platform as we cater for once off or adhock Australian shippers. Our system is set up so that if you only need a courier just this once you can pay via your credit card or via the paypal system. For our regular shippers we can provide a special discount on top of our very cheap courier prices. Its our way of encouraging frequent senders to use our system.


Tools to help find the right shipping costs: If you sell on platforms such as eBay or if you have your own website we have really neat DIY ( Do it yourself ) tools to help you integrate with our system. The purpose of our ecommerce tools is to provide low cost automation to give instant shipping prices on the front end of your sales platform. We have an eBay shipping calculator that can be inserted as a widget into your listing helping your potential and last minute clients view the exact postage costs. Our integration service is also available for website and shopping cart developers. Our most popular ecommerce platforms for shipping are Joomla and Magento.

What about courier insurance for my shipment? Yes our courier service has a special component where you can enter in the value of your product. It then calculates a small fee for the insurance that you can pay for at the time of booking your courier shipment on our system. Our insurance is perfect for sending any valuable items via a courier in Australia. It should also be noted that you should always ensure that you overpack and securely wrap your items before sending via a courier in Australia.

What size shipments do you accept? Our shipping cost system acceps all shapes and sizes. For our discounted satchel and airbag prices be sure to enter in “satchels” when selecting the packaging type. If you select satchels then our low nationwide satchel rate will appear for you to select. If you regularly send satchels be sure to contact our team as we provide the satchels at no charge when you utilise our courier services. Courier Quotes Australia also accepts large engines, flat packed furniture, surfboards, cars and other larger type items. We move a considerable amount of pallets and crates on our shipping cost system. Did you know you can even have a pallet picked up from a residential location ? It is one way of lowering your shipping invoices. We also cater for special tail gate lifters meaning when the truck arrives it will have a special shelf on the back that is lowered helping the driver to move items safely with a pallet jack onto the courier truck.

Finding the right shipping costs on eBay: I want to buy something on eBay can you help? Yes we certainly can however you will need to process the quotes on our home page to view the prices. If the eBay seller does not have our shipping calculator on the listing simply ask if you can arrange your own courier to collect. If the seller agrees then simply ask for the exact packaged sizes and weights of the item. You will need to ask them for all the ingredients to make a quote these are:

May I have the pickup post code?
May I check if it is business or residential?
Could I please have the Length, Width, and Height of the packaged item?
How will it be packaged? envelope, carton, box, unpackaged?
What days will it be available? Do you have a preferred time for pickup?

Once you know the above details you will be able to get a price for the pickup and delivery of your item. Our courier services are track and trace so you can monitor the whole process of your delivery. Here is the easy part ! Once you obtain your courier service quote on our system, pay and book your item we generate a special courier tracking label that can be sent via email to your eBay seller. The eBay seller simply has to print the shipping label to any a4 printer then attach to the carton ready for collection by the courier service. We even have an unattended pickup option that you can select if the eBay seller has a safe place to leave for collection.

Why are your shipping costs cheaper than direct? We are a bulk reseller of courier services and spend millions each year with the courier companies. Due to our spend with the courier companies we receive a corporate discount with the carriers. At Courier Quotes Australia we have a high level of automation. Our technology is built on scalability so you can relax that our system can handle a large amount of volumes without interupting your courier booking service. Our inhouse developers are always producing new tools, new courier carriers, pricing options to help our clients sell more items.  Click to find your instant shipping costs