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Postage: View postage and shipping costs online We are able to secure discounted, competitive freight and postage rates through our network of transportation providers. Using our web based tools, you can compare. An Australian freight rate is a price at which a certain cargo – freight is delivered from one point to another. The price depends on the form of the cargo, the mode of transport. Quite often, express freight comes to equal all speed and no care. But many businesses and industries require specialised, fragile, bulky or unusual parts, goods or items to be shipped express freight. A regular arrangement with a reputable and express freight specialist freight forwarder improves the quality of service you receive and reduces cost substantially.  Comparing postage and freight costs is one area where industry knowledge and expertise is absolutely crucial. Because of the high pressured and specialised nature of express and economy freight it can be easy to make mistakes, pay too much, choose the wrong freight forwarder and unwittingly sacrifice essentials. Compare postage costs for delivering items in Australia.

Postage / Air freight is not the only choice when it comes to express delivery. Most road freight companies offer great overnight services, perfect for urgent interstate transport. Your goods will be safely secured and carried on a range of vehicle types. If you have any doubts as to which road freight company will best suit the needs of your interstate transport or cross country transport. Wandering what is the cheapest way to send a package ? Simply type-in two post codes and a weight of your package then we display the costings to move your goods follow the shipping prompts for easy booking of your shipment.

View shipping rates for different delivery times. Our courier and postage comparison system is your shipping headquarters on the web! Cheap courier rates for small business shippers in Australia, eBay sellers and individuals can save big on courier costs virtually anything to anywhere. Australian small business senders can enjoy up to 60% savings on their business shipping through our partner discount shipping program.

Our postage calculator and shipping services are provided by reputable major Australian courier and transport carriers at highly discounted rates to reduce your business shipping costs and provide you with additional business courier methods.

Australian individuals can save on their shipping costs as well by using our free shipping rate comparison tool to every city in Australia. Simply enter your parcel, satchel, package origin, destination and weight and shipping our team will give you the shipping rates from the largest courier companies, side by side on one computer screen for your to view the actual delivery costs up front. This allows you to choose the best courier price on ground and overnight services depending on how fast your shipment needs to arrive. Gone are the days of having to go to each shipper’s website to get their shipping rates. Savings of 30% + per package are fairly common.

Our Australian postage and courier service also provides multi shipper tracking allowing you to track a parcel or track multiple shipments sent through multiple shippers all in one place. Verify that a package has been shipped or received by our shipping dashboard, find a lost package or find out when a package will arrive by entering its tracking number. Track all packages at once and email the results to whoever you’d like. also provides numerous other shipping related resources for small business shipping as well as individuals looking to ship a cars interstate within Australia, ship a motorcycle, ship ebay and goods to residential locations. Best of all, is completely free to use!  Australian postage connector to websites!

We provide postage and shipping calculators to websites in Australia. has postage software that provides a web service call and connects to a number of our registered courier and freight companies. We provide postage and shipping calculators to websites in Australia. has postage software that provides a web service call and connects to a number of our registered courier and freight companies. Postage modules for Xcart websites and online stores: can connect your website if powered by the common platform Xcart to leading freight and shipping services in Australia. Upfront real time shipping rates for Xcart, insurance options, online tracking and trace for Xcart shopping carts. Australian Postage and Shipping modules for Virtuemart:

Yes we have a Joomla / Virtuemart shipping and freight module ! power your Virtuemart online shopping cart with our easy to use freight api for Australia wide shipping. Shipping dashboard live rates, shipping labels generated power your Virtuemart store API for Postage in Australia for Joomla

Created in Australia for Australian Joomla websites our shipping service software gives website owners flexibility of a variety of shipping and postage companies to select from. Connection to our Australia postage module is simple and easy: Joomla shipping