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Magento Shipping

Magento shipping modules: Integrating our shipping module with Magento is one way to increase web sales. Magento is a fantastic online shop platform that can be integrated with our freight module program to show shipping costs to your customers door. With access to most of the delivery companies in Australia our extension can help you with your shipping methods in Magento. Our 2012 version of the plugin comes complete with multiple location and the ability to assign stock to a particular zone and warehouse.

  • Compatible with community and enterprise level magento websites
  • Installation and configuration is provided by our in house team
  • Connect to delivery companies like TNT, DHL, couriers please, Fastway and more
  • Set up business rules like free shipping, flat rate and dynamic pricing
  • We manage the rates helping customers to aggregate and move goods on a selection of carriers
  • Place a handling fee or markup on the freight at check out
  • Book the freight via your Magento cms
  • Ship from store
  • Ship any type of satchel, parcel, box, pallet
  • Consolidate orders
  • Estimates at the product page
  • Show estimated transit time

Real time web service calls to our API ( Website module extensions for your Magento shopping cart )Generate and track from your Magento shipping dashboard

View our live magento shipping plugin here at , , and more ! Print from your magento manifest – Insurance and shipping labels generated by orders – no need to fill out by hand. We integrate with small, medium and large online stores – With 8 years of black box testing our API is rock solid

• Magento shipping modules designed in Australia for the Australian market
• Plugin for Magento shipping
• Delivery calculators for Magento

• DIY developer kits available / or have installed by our in house developer free for a limited time

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