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Magento Shipping Calculator Tutorial Videos

We make free shipping extensions for Magento this tutorial page is to show you how easy our Magento system is to use. Temando /Courier Quotes Australia specializes in eCommerce platforms and solutions for shipping. One of our most popular plugins is the Magento shipping calculator. Magento has many different versions we have plugins for most of the versions. If your version is really old we have a team who may be able to provide tweaks to the module to power your shipping calculator. The functions of the module include a real time shipping price at the Magento product level, insurance, consolidating orders, easy integration with most erp systems, back end processing functions include booking and creating a shipping label for your dispatch team. Talk to our team in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane to schedule your free installation.

Special features of our Magento shipping calculator:

  1. Free installation for your community and enterprise versions of Magento
  2. Set up special shipping rules to help you sell more
  3. Easy to use as no coding is required our system is plug and play
  4. Drop shipping and multiple location
  5. Split shipment solutions
  6. Returns process solutions
  7. Bulk printing and shipping if required
  8. Use the best courier for the best route – and its all your choice
  9. Connects directly to most Australian delivery companies
  10. No rate tables required as our system talks directly to your magento shopping cart
  11. Insurance available at the cart level
  12. Print Couriers Please, Fastway, Tnt, Startrack, Cope, Capital, Hunter, Star track labels right from your Magento website
  13. Covers every post code in Australia
  14. Consolidation logic built in for satchels – meaning you can get the right delivery price for multiple items purchased in the cart
  15. Free installation ( limited time only)
  16. Drop shipping features – you pick where your stock is located for quoting and dispatch
  17. Add a handling fee or surcharge
  18. Post code suburb validation for Magento
  19. Works with both community and enterprise versions of Magento. Free install for both!
  20. Full documentation and support
  21. We help power 30,000 + Australian online retailers

What does the buyer see on the Magento shipping calculator? Watch a quick demonstration of our live shipping calculators in action in the below you tube video. The below video shows a range of different styles and buttons used to get freight quotes on products on eCommerce websites. To run a successful online store you must have delivery costs displayed onscreen.

Our Magento shipping calculator is perfect for displaying the shipping costs upfront. We have a very handy little widget that can be placed on the product page that provides an ” Estimate Shipping” function.¬†On most magento websites clients prefer to have two sections to check the shipping charges. Section 1) Estimate shipping¬† Section 2) Check at the cart level ( Customer adds to cart then checks the total ). We have magento demo stores available for magento customers to log in and have a look at our functionality.

Magento Multiple Warehouse Extension: We have now released our magento multiple warehouse feature what this means is that customers who drop-ship or customers with several warehouses can take advantage of different dispatch points. When you are setting up warehouses online retailers can assign post code ranges that the warehouse covers. Customers can also nominate warehouse workers in the magento system so only responsible pickers will process the orders. Watch the below video to see how simple it is to set up the magento multiple warehouse feature.

The next video tutorial for Magento is the buyers process flow. This quick demo video shows our demo store through the actual product selection, costings then check out. It is a standard Magento store so customers can get a basic look and feel for how the shipping module works.

Our Magento Shipping Calculator is not just about price it is also about process improvement. Not only does the shipping calculator provide up front ( real time ) shipping prices on the product level it also organizes your data in the back end of your website and gets all the delivery information ready for you to process. Having the data organized saves you for cutting and pasting the sales data into another system. You can produce your own traceable shipping labels and book your shipment all from within the one section of your website.

Need to add a handling or a surcharge to your shipping? We can help our system is very flexible helping users to dictate the weight limits you would like to apply the surcharge to. An example of when you would use this shipping method is when you would like to put a percentage mark up on your light items. Watch the below video to see how easy this is to apply.

Many customers ask our team “How do I add free shipping to certain areas? , or how can I offer free shipping to specific post code ranges?” So our Magento development team have built the rule engine. Our rule engine helps online retailers to nominate the post codes they would like to offer free shipping in. Our magento shipping calculator can also nominate ranges for example 2000:2200 would cover everything between the zip code ranges. To show you how easy it is please see the below short demonstration video.

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