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Shipping Calculators for Joomla and Virtuemart

Joomla or Virtuemart shipping calculator: Need a Joomla shipping or freight module? We have a Joomla / Virtuemart plugin that is designed for Australian online retailers. We have designed the plugin around the most common cart Virtuemart. If you are a web developer or a website owner looking for a neat shipping calculator we have a plugin that connects your Virtuemart store to the best parcel delivery companies in Australia.

Free installation promotion! Our shipping calculator is “plug and play” and once installed it is very simple to edit your desired courier companies. We are currently running a free promotional installation for Joomla. If you would like the shipping extension installed for you please email / fax this agreement to our team. Basic installs only – we reserve the right to scope the installation as Joomla can be complex at times depending on the amount of extensions.

Download: the free installation form:  Joomla Shipping Plugin 1.2


Frequently asked questions

  • What does the plugin do? provides real time quotes on your shopping cart, then captures the sales orders and prepares them for shipping
  • How much does it cost? Occasionally we run free installations therefore it is available free of charge
  • How do you make your money? We get rebates from courier companies or a slight margin for our software
  • Why are your rates so cheap? They are discounted due to our bulk buying power we spend millions each year with the carriers
  • I am a developer can I install myself? It is best we do it as it can be complex, if you really want to you can!
  • Do I need an account with the courier companies? No you don’t – One account with us and you can utilize any carrier

Online retail and eCommerce : Virtuemart is one of our top 10 cm platforms. Yes our core business is online retailers we specialize in integration of shipping calculators onto websites. We link invisible software to your products and generate door to door delivery prices for your items to be delivered to any location in Australia. From small websites to large scale CMS we have an eCommerce solution to meet your needs and your budget.

Front end shipping quotes: Put a product and cart level widget on your Joomla website helping you get the right costs built into your check out. No more flat rates or free shipping required as customers can gauge the right costs upfront.


Back end processing: Turn your Virtuemart “order list into a shipping section ” with bar codes on Australia’s leading parcel companies.


Yes both Business and Residential Deliveries!  We not only deliver from B to B ( Business to Business ) we also deliver from ( B to C ) Business to consumer and in many cases this is to an Australian residential address. In the quotes section of our instant quote simply select residential to filter your choice of courier company. Great for many versions of Joomla Virtuemart – link your store to correct delivery prices!

Link your Joomla store and your eBay store to our system to product bar codes for shipping!

Our shipping tools are designed to help you get the right price on your Joomla website – and help you process the orders once they are sold. Send us the above installation form and we will schedule your Joomla / Virtuemart installation.