Australian Courier and Integration Services

International Delivery

International Delivery, These are interesting times for cargo departments of airlines around the world . On the one hand they face impressive headwind of economic factors and on the other their quality approaches and investment in new planes may be about to start bearing fruit. Are you fed up with the high cost of importing your products from overseas? Perhaps it is time to consider our aggregated or consolidated buying power? There are signs in the airfreight and sea-freight market that gravity is at last exerting its pull on the rapid expansion plans of many of the larger cargo operators. This allows pricing flexibility for business to take advantage of international bulk buying power.The coming downturn may be an opportunity for some of the smarter operators to win back some of the lost ground.

For the first time in a number of months there was at least the comfort that the air cargo demand remained in positive territory. If there is going to be a downturn.. How big will be a question that is exercising economists and financial markets the world over. The better frequency of belly capacity against freighters may be one factor in this story, or it may be that in times of trouble, the carrier with the better knowledge of the home market wins. Most international delivery operators will be hoping to regain some lost competitive ground.

Freight forwarder alliances have been around for decades. Pushed by shippers expanding their international reach, their numbers have multiplied in recent years as mid sized freight forwarders try to keep pace with their clients needs. Lately more and more agents have been looking for international matches for specific trade routes, or to have a better mix of dense and fluffy freight. We are in the process of setting up a number of key partner alliances in special areas. We see growing our business in the international delivery market must be done through strategic alliances and partnerships. Having played a key role in the establishment of several alliances we look to develop our international delivery network over the next year. When recruiting partners our top management look for overall fit rather than specialist skills that match our core segments. Out company is in the process of creating a vertical that deals with both online retail, government and business to business market sectors.

The domestic market is delivering exceptional results for our business. In recent months a number of new branches in Sydney and Melbourne to give our team additional operational support. Like express operators logistics companies are pushing into the international delivery sector. The markets online retail optimism is definitely driving our international courier growth into this sector. Our senior management team are particularly upbeat about the cargo potential that will be generated from our existing domestic footprint.