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Importing tips

International courier importing tips: When importing goods into Australia it is necessary to research into two main regulatory bodies. ACS Australian customs services and AQIS Australian quarantine services. To help with our international importers here are a few key tips that may help you to be more prepared for importing different types of goods into our country. If you are importing alcohol or tobacco products be sure to note that sometimes duties and taxes of up to 600% may apply ( Duties vary so be sure to check with your licensed customs broker).

We have a lot of vitamin and supplement sellers on courier quotes many import ingredients from offshore be sure to note that in the past Whey powder requires a permit to be issued by Australian Quarantine and inspection service. Importers will need this permit prior to importing the goods not after the fact. We also have many gift and home wares online retailers, be careful when importing essential oils containing safrole and isosafrole as they may require a permit issued by the TGA aka Thereputic Goods Act again make sure you obtain all of your permits prior to importing these types of goods. It is also important if you are importing pot potpourri or seeds to gain what is called a Phytosanitary certificate.

We also have many furniture stores that import goods from places like Bali.. make sure you do your home work on fumigation of all wood items entering Australia. Wooden goods and products that have been in contact with animals ( Farm ) or derived from animals will be subject to checks and fumigation. Sometimes fumigation is a large added cost that importers are unaware of. AQIS inspections can also take a long period of time so be sure to plan in advance by having the right fumigation certificates ready. It is also important to note that AQIS check wooden packaging and pallets to ensure that even this is fumigated. We all need to work together to protect Australia’s local industries by preventing pests from entering our country. In many cases refrigeration is not guaranteed so if you are importing goods that require temperature control be sure to check in advance what the standard temperature is likely to be.

Most goods imported to Australia require subject to GST ( goods and services tax ) given some thresholds however this is based on the landed cost of the goods which includes value of the goods, plus freight and insurance cost, plus any import duties. Shipments valued at more than $1000 Aud will require a formal entry declaring the contents ( as this is a blog subject to change). Importers need to research into the exact commodity and note that if your item requires special permits then it may be subjected to lengthy clearance delays. All international shipments must include a detailed commercial invoice stating what it is , what it will be used for, where it was made , a harmonized code if known, values , and if it is for resale. The more information the better is required so that Australian regulatory services can check exactly what is inside the parcel. Do not just declare things as “gifts” or “samples” this is a generic based term and should be avoided.