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Free Shipping Plugins

Free Shipping Plugins What is a shipping plugin or a shipping extension? Many online sellers struggle with the shipping part, mainly getting the right rate in the shopping cart. So we have developed a free shipping plugin to help calculate costs of freight on peoples websites and on eBay. A good example for this article is moving goods from Sydney to Perth and have struggled to find a good rate? Traditionally customers buying off websites would simply have a flat rate however with the online market constantly expanding we have found that more regional and West coast or the other way round have been making online purchases. Given the uptake in demand having correct freight prices instead of a flat rate is more desirable as often the flat rate will be well below the actual freight cost charged by the courier company.

Here are some of the options online retailers customers may want to consider. A) If you are selling on eBay consider trying out our system free shipping calculator a simple widget that can be inserted directly into your description. This widget is perfect for slightly heavy items where freight rates can vary from destination to destination. Talk to our team about our free eBay shipping calculator. B) If you are selling online via a website then our system has many free shipping plugins.

Our platform is open source so that means if your shopping cart is open source then it is more than likely your systems will be able to talk to ours. We have what is known in the geek world as a web developers guide for our API. For the most popular platforms like joomla or magento we have already built free shipping plugins for your developer to apply to your site and then configure. So after you have applied the free shipping plugin for either eBay or your website what are the neat tricks it can do? By the way some of the biggest eCommerce sites in Australia use our plugin like Sass and Bide, Harvey Norman, Bing Lee and Clark Rubber.

The platform accesses discounted courier rates from the best couriers in Australia. Here is what the plugin is built for…Firstly it provides real time shipping quotes on the front of your website depending on your platform it can provide shipping prices at the product level. You can add a markup or a handing fee to your shopping cart and the sellers has an option to include courier insurance or make it mandatory/ optional. Once the item has sold through the website here is how we help you save time: The key information such as buyers address, phone, name is neatly organized with what they have purchased in the back end of your website. As the free shipping plugin captures the data it is already prepared ready for you to simply pick your desired courier company and ship your goods. Our system prepares for you a shipping label and it makes the booking when you are ready. Talk to our team about a shipping calculator plugin for your website or for the eBay platform.