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eBay Shipping?

Ebay Shipping? Some handy eBay shipping tools to help you with transport. When selling items on eBay here are a few handy tips. After the eBay auction has ended and the buyer has paid, it is time to pack and send the item to the buyer. Usually…and I say this cautiously this is a straight forward task, but there are some areas that you should avoid. The very last thing you want is to spend a lot of your precious time dealing with angry or frustrated buyers when their item is misplaced, stolen or potentially arrives damaged. We have all seen how many couriers there are in Australia how do you pick the right one to send your eBay items with?

eBay Shipping Calculator : Listed below are some handy hints however if you are looking for our eBay shipping calculator tool ( special code that is inserted into your eBay listing) You will need to visit our eBay tab listed above and follow the contact us for an eBay shipping calculator button. We then send you the guide and the you tube videos on how to self install the widget onto your listings. We have an advanced shipping calculator to be released in the first half of 2012 ! Very neat technology to help Australian eBay sellers.

With our eBay shipping system we can actually help you to streamline your shipping processes for eBay. We can even help eBay and ecommerce sellers to place a real time shipping calculator on the eBay auction listing. Listings can be configured to have the rates appear instantly with only your Australian buyer Australian eBay shipping tips and tricks

Listed below are some tips for eBay shipping on Australian eBay:
1. Even if you are selling light small items it is best to get a shipping scale. You need to know exactly how much a shipment weighs so you can calculate the shipping and postage. They are relatively cheap

2. Always be upfront about your shipping costs in your listings. We provide a special html shipping calculator widget ( at no charge / transactional based ) find out more on our eBay shipping calculator page. Or have a look at our sneak peak calculator on you tube listed above! All your potential clients need to do is enter in post code/suburb and the eBay shipping price is displayed on your listing.  Another free tool from the Courier Quotes Australia team.

3. Be sure to not overcharge for shipping. You may miss out on buyers who avoid listings that have excessive handling fees. It is always best to charge a reasonable handling fee to cover your cost of materials and your time to pack the item. You can charge a separate handling fee for international buyers to cover the additional customs and regulartory charges overhead. It is best if you do not understand international shipping to either not sell to international locations or be upfront and mention in your listing that any additional regulatory charges must be paid for by the buyer this may include fumigation and other restrictions.

4. Do you include a statement or an invoice with your eBay shipment? Many eBay sellers in Australia always include a packing slip in the package. You never know if something bad will happen to your package and the shipping label is torn off or is unreadable. As long as there is a packing slip, the shipper can still deliver the package or send it back to you.

5. Use track and trace with shipments. All of our couriers have pickup, transit and delivery scanning system applied. This is a great way to ensure the delivery confirmation on all packages. Makethe untrustworthy eBay buyers think twice before claiming they didn’t receive your shipment. If the package really does get lost, you have a way to track it down.

6. eBay shipping insurance – Its always safe to take out shipping insurance for valuable items, even if the buyer didn’t pay for it. In Australia we have bumpy roads and long haul roads. Have you ever passed one of the bumpy bdouble trucks on the highways? next time think about a heavy pallet being stacked ontop of your fragile items bumping all the way from Sydney to Melbourne ! If you want to sell fragile items send them via airfreight via our system. Always take insurance out from a safety point. Things can get damaged or lost during shipping. Protect yourself from taking a big loss if the buyer wants their money back.

7. Keep your eBay tracking information for at least a month after the payment has been received.You just never know when you may need it. You can log into our system and recover invoices and tracking data if required.

8. Make sure you wrap your eBay shipment nice and securely.Did you know the most cost effective method of packing your packages is to use strongbubble wrap along with a void fill material such as packing peanuts ( they are really handy ) The first step is to wrap your items in bubble wrap. It is best to take apart and wrap pieces separatelythat could be damaged during shipping. We have alot of gift and homewares eBay sellers and when selling candles they make sure each candle is wrapped individually to minimise the risk. Back to the eBay packing tips… Then fill the box about a third full with packing peanuts ( Bunnings should have them or an industrial supply store) Place the bubble wrapped eBay items in the middle of the box and then fill the remaining area with packing special peanuts. Now depending on the eBay item, you want at least four cms of clearance between the item and each side of the box. It is important that very fragile items like a vase will require more packing and clearance. We would even recommend you crate or build frames for valuable items such as this. When packing please note you need to have adequate cushioning to protect the item in case the carton is dropped or punctured. It is best to seal the box with packing tape, some carriers especially international may ask to inspect the contents for security reasons. Dont use poor quality tape or skinny masking tape. Using tape not designed for packing could allow the shipment to open during transit. When the box is sealed, give it a light shake. If you can hear things rattling around or shifting, you need to open the package and repack it. For peace of mind always take out insurance on our Australian courier system.

9. eBay shipping labels! We provide you with a shipping label to print out and apply to your eBay shipment. Our high volume customers have special printers also known as zebra or datamax printers we have special deals if you need one just ask our team for the order form. If you only send a few cartons a day you can simply just print out our shipping labels to a normal a4 printer. Our courier companies scan the document all the way through. Some of our eBay sellers buy avery labels and then stick onto the cartons. Some of our shippers buy little invoice pouches and stick them inside the cartons.

10. Always write your return address on the eBay shipment just in case the label is removed in transit. Some of our eBay sellers make up 200 return adress labels just in case and apply to the shipment. If you dont sent that oftern a good marker will be fine to make sure that if the shipment paperwork is removed that it will be able to find its way. Pick a reliable courier company to deliver your items. We have a special rating system on our shipping calculator that judges the couriers past performance.