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eBay Pesa 2012

Pesa eBay Conference 2012 was a real success, with so many different small, medium and large scale businesses to talk to. The food at the conference was just sensational with amazing spreads at each break out session. This year the eBay conference was held on the Gold Coast. Many of the large players also utilize Magento as their eCommerce shipping platform so it was almost like a continuation of the Magento conference held a month earlier in Las Vegas USA. I love visiting conferences to gather up the tools of the trade and to network with similar geeky sellers on what has worked and what has not worked. I also enjoyed far too many late and macchiato’s at the free coffee stand that kept me awake for almost three days.

Who visits the eBay conference:There was an interesting cross section of industry visitors this year ranging from lots of four wheel drive sellers, vitamins and supplements, outdoor furniture eBay sellers, merchandise, toys, massage tables, the usual electronics and gadgets, fishing gear, through to one of my favorites which was ride on remote control cars for your kids that you actually have the remote control for…very cool!

I think the tag line of the conference suited it well with “Helping people sell more online” kind of how we like to position our business. It was very interesting visiting some of the stands outside during the breaks with lots of neat new technology tools, software and measurement gear to aid all types of businesses. Lucky for our team there is still a very strong push towards selling

on three platforms. Selling on Magento, selling on M2e Pro , and selling on eBay. There were more eBay sellers this year looking into magento community that was interesting. The market really does have a strong push towards selling on multiple channels. All in all I found the eBay Pesa conference very interesting forum to learn more about new eCommerce technology and to continue continue networking with eBay sellers and industry suppliers. At a guess I would probably say there was around 500- 600 people at the event however it really is tricky to gauge by the layout of the Gold Coast convention center.