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eBay Shipping Tools Australia

eBay Shipping ? Put our free eBay shipping calculator on your description THEN import your sales orders straight into our system for processing. No more cut and paste or upload then downloading – Synchronize your eBay account to our system for easy sending. Any size eBay user – It is free and easy to do ! One account with our system gives you access to all the couriers on our system.

Free eBay Shipping Tools for Australian sellers : We have developed a number of special eBay tools to help customers with selling on eBay. Our main tool is a special linking process where you can link your eBay account with our system. All of your sales data can be waiting for you to simply log in and process your orders with our system. The second tool is a shipping calculator for eBay, customers can place on their listing a special button that is synchronized with your products.

Link your eBay account to our system: Once inside your Courier Quotes dashboard you will be able to link to your eBay account. What does this mean? This means all of your eBay sales will automatically be dropped into your dashboard. The benefit of having your eBay data linked is you will not have to cut and paste any of the address details from one system to another. We have other neat features including building a database of products that you commonly sell on eBay.

Place a shipping calculator on your listing:

Synchronize your eBay store to download your data

Make a shipping calculator for your eBay listing: Firstly our eBay shipping tools are available at no charge. We can guide you through how to set up an eBay shipping button for your listing. Having a button on your listing could increase your sales by letting your potential buyers know the exact shipping cost without having them contact you. An eBay shipping calculator is ideal for any products over a few kg.  Having the button on your listing will help with interstate sales as buyers can view accurate delivery costs based on what you tell the system the sizes and weights will be.