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10 Courier Delivery Services

10 Courier Delivery Services in Australia – The team at Courier Quotes Australia have revolutionized the way customers think about shipping in Australia. Save yourself time calling endless courier companies for the best rates. At Courier Quotes, we have already developed relationships with the best Australian couriers, and due to the volume of shipments we do on a daily basis, we can ensure you get the best rates as well as delivery service in the most difficult locations as we ship nationally to everywhere in Australia.

1) Satchel or prepaid courier delivery: Commonly used for lighter weight items the benefit of this courier delivery service is that in most cases they are a flat rate. We provide free satchels to our customers to be used when they ship via our satchel service. A satchel can be handy for security and protection if used correctly for transport in Australia.

2) Parcels or carton freight: Generally shipments above the 5 kg mark up to 20 kilograms are sent via carton shipping. If you are sending boxes in Australia be sure to use bubble wrap and sturdy tape to ensure the contents are packaged well. We cater for parcels of all sizes on our system from small to large, pickup and delivery from business and residential locations.

3) Pallet courier delivery : Larger shipments are usually sent on pallets for ease of moving the loads. In Australia there are two main pallet hire companies Chep and Loscam. Otherwise pallets are a dime a dozen from your local industrial location. Just make sure if shipping internationally that you have the right quarantine and fumigation.

4 ) Road Freight: Due to Australia’s distance between major cities we utilize line haul networks to move goods between depots. Did you know that from Brisbane to Sydney is one of the worlds longest overnight trucking lanes available.

5 ) Air Freight courier services: For the time sensitive and higher value shipments most courier delivery companies utilize the belly space of the domestic airlines. There are some freighters in Australia for larger items however this comes at a premium.

6 ) Ugly Freight: known in the industry due to its difficult packaging and moving abilities. Metal poles or weird shaped machines are known as ugly freight.

7 ) Fragile Courier Delivery Services: also known as “white glove couriers” Known for moving PCs, glass furniture, artworks and sensitive materials.

8 ) Same Day: This is an express style courier service usually when items are being sent within the metro cities for example Sydney to Sydney or Melbourne to Melbourne.

9 ) Next Flight Courier Delivery Services: commonly used when people absolutely need their goods. This type of service is usually available at any time of day/night working around the airport curfews. The price you pay for a next flight courier is usually at a premium. However an excellent service if you really need something like a passport, keys or contracts in for tender.

10) Interstate Courier Delivery Services: Mostly uses the road line haul network within Australia. Many courier delivery companies will perform local pickups then drop to a designated interstate freight depot for movement. All of interstate delivery services have complete tracking with door to door scanning available.

We have hundreds of trucks at our disposal all across Australia at unbeatable rates and dedicated customer service. At Courier Quotes we specialise in everything from satchels to pallets to truckload shipments. Over sized, Overweight, Expedited, Time Definite, Dedicated, Regional, Interstate, Metro and next flight services. We cater for both business and residential pickup and delivery.

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