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Cheap Freight

Cheap Freight : Are you searching for a cheap freight quote in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin, Canberra or even Tasmania …Look no further we cover every city in Australia. From the east to the west from the south to the north. Cheap freight quotes for Australians.

The service we provide includes the gathering of the best freight companies in Australia, then we utilize our technology to build the leading online quote and booking service in Australia. Our rates have complete visibility and you can access 24 hours a day a freight quote. We recognize that some Australian couriers have strengths in certain products and services, others have strengths in other areas. We rate our freight companies on screen to help you select the best freight companies that suits your needs.

Our cheap freight rates are extremely cheap ! Why ? we are a volume based service. Our business model is about growth and not taking advantage of the small to medium shippers in Australia. We service thousands of quotes per week. Local and interstate freight. Generally our prices are cheaper than if you go directly to the freight companies ! why ? Its easy we do not take on risky accounts, we are completely prepaid. In fact we only offer accounts to companies who are willing to place a security bond. This allows our team to pass on the savings and allows our customers the opportunity to not carry bad business debt.  Cheap freight quote in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Darwin, Canberra or Tasmania

We have two different sides of our freight business

1) We provide a courier comparison service online through over 400 courier calculators scattered all over the internet.

2) We also integrate or automate online stores and websites linking for a small cost per month we can integrate with:  The top 15 world wide shopping carts, or have your web developer custom design with our easy to use API